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Pre-owned luxury cars under RM150k – what are your options?

The Malaysian automotive market has a wide variety of luxury cars from virtually all automakers, but a pre-owned model can sometimes make more sense to purchase, especially for those who want to watch their spending.

Because luxury cars tend to get their biggest hit in depreciation in the first few years, your best chance of owning one if you’re watching your wallet is through the pre-owned market. Just because they are now worth a lot less than when they were brand new doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.

Most of the time, new luxury car owners have the sheer financial might to get the latest models from auto manufacturers, so when they decide they want the latest and freshest cars, they will usually sell or trade in their vehicles just to make space for the new one.

Besides, luxury cars are usually conceptualised, tested, and manufactured to higher than average standards, which means they are still good for many years to come.

One of the best places to hunt for pre-owned luxury cars is CARSOME. They have a wide variety of pre-owned luxury cars under RM150,000 across all body types.

If you’re interested in pre-owned luxury cars but need help deciding what to go for, here are five excellent pre-owned luxury cars under RM150,000 that are currently available on CARSOME.

1. 2nd-Gen BMW 118i M Sport 1.5

Suppose you’d like a do-it-all vehicle, capable of operating as a weekday car but is also fun for those spirited drives on the weekends. In that case, you might want to consider the second-generation BMW 1 Series LCI (F20), the last generation rear-wheel-drive 1 Series.

While it is not the most spacious of hatchbacks or the most potent car in BMW’s line up of vehicles, it makes up for it in the amount of sheer driving pleasure because of its rear-wheel-drive characteristics, light weight, and handling balance.

Unlike the newest third-generation BMW 1 Series or its competitors, which are all front-wheel drive, there’s a sense of ‘hooning’ to the car thanks to its 50:50 weight distribution.

Some might say that the 1 Series sacrifices space for pure mechanical lust, but then again, if driving excitement is your poison and you’re single and carefree – happy with your car, you shall be if you drive a second generation 1 Series.

2. 2nd-Gen MINI Cooper Clubman 1.5

Ironically, though bigger, MINI’s identifiable styling works well in the second-generation Clubman as it is stretched over the Clubman’s enlarged dimensions. Compared to the previous generation’s two-and-a-half-door layout, the F54 Clubman sports four proper conventional doors, which makes it more usable than the older vehicle.

Although some things were changed, the Clubman retains the nameplate’s two-piece barn-door style tailgate, where according to MINI, the two-piece tailgate was kept as it was an integral part of the Clubman’s identity. Whatever it is, we are happy that MINI has kept the barn-style doors, as it’s just so unique and cool.

Nevertheless, the lively steering which MINI is known for is still there, the throttle is responsive as ever, and the larger dimensions have given it a more settled ride. Consider it a grown-up Clubman, one that can be appreciated across all demographics.

3. 4th-Gen Mercedes-Benz C200 Avantgarde 2.0

It’s been largely said that the W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class was the car that brought the groove back to the C-Class range, featuring better styling, lighter structure and a new breed of powerful and efficient turbocharged engines.

Since the A-Class became the new entry-level Mercedes, the Stuttgart-based firm decided to up the ante with the 4th-Gen C-Class, which after its launch, got many experts calling it the mini S-Class.

Yes, the W205 C-Class is not the latest C-Class available, but it still looks modern and current, which is a testament to its design.

The brunt of the variants was powered by a singular turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol power plant in various states of tune, but what proved one of the most popular variants was the simplest of the 2.0-litre models: the C200 Avantgarde. It packs a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine pushing 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque – not mind-blowing figures, but certainly no slouch either.

4. Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Highline 1.4

It wasn’t so long ago that the only Tiguan available in the market was the five-seater short-wheelbase version, but with the growing appetite for seven-seater cars in Malaysia, Volkswagen Malaysia decided to decommission the five-seater for a long-wheelbase Tiguan, called the Allspace.

While the additional two seats at the very rear of the car might not be suitable for adults on long journeys, they can comfortably accommodate a couple of children for all occasions. The seats also come in handy when you need to ferry family and friends around town or on shorter trips.

If you do not need extra seats, the third row of seats can be folded flat for extra boot space, offering up to 700 liters and a whopping 1,775 liters of boot space with the second row collapsed as well.

The Tiguan Allspace Highline comes with the more familiar 1.4 TSI engine that pushes 150 PS and 250 Nm of torque to the front wheels through a six-speed wet-clutch DSG dual-clutch transmission. That being said, even the Highline version, which is basically the entry-level Allspace comes very generously equipped with excellent convenience features such as keyless entry, reverse camera, leather interior, full LED headlights and many more.

5. Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 4MATIC 2.0

It’s rare for a previous generation car to be better looking than the one that replaced it, but the first generation GLA in our opinion, is a much better looking crossover than the ones that are sold now.

The GLA 250 has the same powertrain as the same generation A 250, but thankfully, the suspension isn’t. This means that despite the go-faster aspirations of the car, the trade-off isn’t a hard and uncomfortable, track-minded ride quality.

The GLA 250 still benefits from a sporty arrangement, but one that doesn’t nearly hammer your spine like the AMG-tuned one does in the A 250.

Being a crossover, Mercedes has included its Off-Road Package as standard equipment in the GLA 250. What you get from the package includes a Downhill Speed Regulation (DSR) feature, which moderates how quickly you descend a hill, slope, etc.

At a speed determined by yourself and a push of a button, the car will keep crawling downwards, managing transmission shifts, acceleration, braking, ESP and ABS. It is a great party trick to show your friends and might come in handy one day if you’re going down a slippery slope.


So there you have it, five examples of very desirable luxury cars in tip top conditions minus the tip top price tag, all of which can be available with a little digging at CARSOME.

From MINI to BMW to Mercedes-Benz to Volkswagen. With a budget of RM150,000 and under, you could be the owner of something very posh, German, and CARSOME Certified.

CARSOME Certified is the The Trusted Way to Buy a Car, providing customer reassurance like no other with a comprehensive 175-point inspection and refurbishment program conducted by qualified and skilled technicians, setting a new standard in the pre-owned vehicle experience. Best of all, each CARSOME Certified car comes with a 1 year warranty and 5-day money-back guarantee.

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Haval is making another SUV because 10 is not enough

If you’re looking to buy an SUV from Haval in China, you have up to ten models to choose from. That, however, is not stopping them from making more.

Another round of spy shots has gone online showcasing yet another new SUV model from the Chinese manufacturer, which is said to be launched in the country sometime within the first half of 2023.

11th SUV model? Nope, 12th model

This brand-new Haval model is said to be positioned between the Haval H6 and H9. In other words, it’s a full-sized SUV that features the brand’s most premium-looking interior.

Based on what was reported by CarNewsChina, this sleek yet large SUV is destined to be the brand’s 12th SUV model. Why 12th? Haval is also looking at launching its latest H-Dog model, also within the first half of 2023. Do you know any other manufacturers that have 12 different SUV offerings that you can buy today?

2.0 turbo ICE or 1.5 turbo PHEV

*Image credit: CarNewsChina

Said to be built on the new Lemon platform from Great Wall Motors, this new Haval SUV will most likely be offered in two different powertrains – a 2.0 turbo ICE and a 1.5 turbo PHEV. The one that you’re looking at is possibly the ICE version.

Skip all that to the interior, what you’re welcomed with is a completely circle steering wheel positioned in front of quite a large instrument cluster together with an even larger centre screen that spans the length of the front passenger side.

Other features include a couple of wireless charging pads and other buttons for different functions but no gear selector. Perhaps it is positioned near the steering? More details to come soon. For now, expect the official launch of the Haval H6 and Jolion here in Malaysia soon.

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Perodua to ramp up 2023 production to fill backorders and meet increased demand

It looks like Perodua will be ramping up its production this year to cope with deliveries of outstanding orders as well as continued demand for its vehicles in 2023.

“This year provides a golden opportunity for us as consumers still have confidence in the automotive market. In fact, more than half of our targeted volume is from bookings we collected last year but have yet to deliver, said Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Sri Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

Perodua’s regular annual production capacity is at 320,000 units on a two-shift cycle, but Zainal is confident that they can increase their volume by improving productivity and by instituting overtime.

Perodua is looking to maximise its production to 330,000 units and sales to 314,000 units this year. They plan to help this along by earmarking RM10 billion worth of purchasing in parts from local suppliers to meet its 2023 target.

The production and sales targets are 14.2% and 11.3% higher than Perodua’s 2022 289,054 production and 282,019 sales performance figures, respectively.

Dato Sri Zainal also said that he believes that total industry volume can go beyond 2022’s 650k TIV,  announced by MAA recently. He believes this despite the many cost pressures facing the industry.


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More Perodua Ativa Hybrids available soon?

The 2023 Perodua Outlook press conference was full of interesting announcements, and one of the things that we picked up is the potential of more Ativa hybrids hitting the market through subscription and possibly traditional sales.

Perodua has allocated RM1.15 billion in capital expenditure this year to improve its group operations, said Dato Sri Zainal, Perodua President and Chief Executive officer.

Among the key areas of improvement for 2023 include their new business divisions, where Perodua will be expanding its Pre-Owned Vehicle(POV) and subscription business, especially after the positive response from the public post-Ativa Hybrid launch in September 2022.

Not only is this a clear sign that Perodua is happy with the response from the subscriptions of Ativa Hybrids, but they also feel that they can sell the vehicle outright later on.

“We have also allocated RM537.1 million on the development of a new model, as well as RM247.1 million to further modernise our operations,” said Dato Zainal.

During the press conference, the Perodua President also said they are trying to look out, help and support vendors when it comes to future HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and BEV(battery electric vehicle) vehicles, which is a clear sign that Perodua is delving deeper into the segment.

He said he is challenging vendors to take up this challenge, as for it to work, we have to have local parts manufacturers, which is vital to Perodua’s operations.

The feedback from 300 customers who have taken up the Ativa hybrid trial has been good, with no complaints in fact. 

“We will have a second catch-up with owners soon as it’s a new business area that we to launch and expand this year. We are developing the system now for the subscription programme,” said Dato Zainal.

For now, at least it seems that Perodua will be launching a subscription programme by the end of this year, where more Ativa Hybrids will be made available to the people.


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2023 Perodua Axia now open for booking! Est price RM38k-RM49k

Perodua has finally announced that the all-new 2023 Perodua Axia is now open for booking.

Months of speculation about the new D74A 2023 Perodua Axia have gone by and based on what we can get from the official teaser brochure, it’s a whole of upgrades and enhancements from the previous gen.

Estimated price from RM38k-RM49k

For pricing, we’re looking at somewhere between RM38k to RM49k for the D74A 2023 Perodua Axia, which comes in four different variants – G, X, SE, and the range-topping AV.

The Axia G starts things off with an estimated price tag of RM38,600 followed by the Axia X at RM40,000, Axia SE at RM44,000, and Axia AV at RM49,500. The 15% price hike offers a more enhanced version of the Perodua Axia without taking everyone by surprise.

Same engine, different gearbox

The 2023 Perodua will be powered by a 1.0-litre EEV engine with a D-CVT gearbox for all four variants. In other words, we strongly believe that the 1KR-VE 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine has been maintained. Sorry fellas, no ‘tekan-tekan preggy’ with the new Axia.

However, the transmission has been significantly changed to the new D-CVT gearbox just like the one found in the Perodua Ativa launched back in 2021. No more four-speed automatic with the Axia, and the mileage can go as far as 25.3km/l for the G and X, while the SE and AV stretch it to 27.4km/l with the ‘ECO Idle’ system.

Perodua Smart Drive Assist for all variants?

The new 2023 Perodua Axia will also feature the Perodua Smart Drive Assist which comes with:

Six airbags
ABS with EBD & BA
Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)
Hill-start Assist (HSA)
Traction Control (TRC)
Solar & Security Window Film (SE & AV variants)

Other features include LED headlamps with DRLs (LED lights for X, SE, and AV while the DRLs are only available on the SE and AV variants, halogens for the base G), and a bunch more that can be seen in the picture above.

Perhaps the biggest flex comes for the range-topping Axia AV model that comes with semi-leather semi-bucket seats, 7-inch TFT multi-info display, 9-inch display audio, and more.

For those who are interested to book your very own D74A 2023 Perodua Axia, there are five different colour options to choose from – Granite Grey, Lava Red, Glittering Silver, Ivory White, and the latest addition to the team, Coral Blue.

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Volvo recalls 545 cars in Malaysia due to brake control module software issues

Volvo Cars has issued a massive recall involving over 106,000 cars worldwide, and that include some units here in Malaysia.

Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has stated that a total of 545 units have been affected by this potential issue that may affect the car’s brake control module, specifically the software.

Only 2023 model-year units affected

All of the 545 cars affected in Malaysia are for certain model-year 2023 units of seven different Volvo car models – XC40, C40, XC60, S60, V60, XC90, and S90. According to VCM, “No other models or variants are affected”.

“Some customers with affected cars may experience a stiff brake pedal and the loss of electronic braking support functions, although rest assured that braking capabilities will remain via the brake pedal. The driver will be warned of the issue occurring via the driver information module (DIM),” added VCM in its press statement.


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Singapore worker parking fiasco reaches boiling point

Kim Teng Park residents and businesses are fed up with workers parking their cars in the area before disappearing off to Singapore for work.

Being neighbours with Singapore has its perks, one of which is that many Malaysians can seek better job opportunities in the Lion City.

Despite being able to take up a job in Singapore, which we suppose leads to better income, it seems that it is not enough as many Malaysians who work in Singapore are still trying to find ways to retain their income as much as they can, which has led to some of them parking their vehicles in Johor  Bahru for free before heading off to work in Singapore.

The Star recently reported that ‘Singapore workers are taking up parking bays in JB’, and while this might seem innocent, they are irritating Residents and businesses in the Kim Teng Park area, as some of them leave their cars there for up to 10 days at a time.

Picture credit: The Star

According to The Star, Kim Teng Park, was a favourite spot for motorists to park for free before travelling to Singapore for work. Kim The area is within walking distance of the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in Bangunan Sultan Iskandar.

Residents and businesses had said the neighbourhood’s close proximity to the CIQ had led to many of those working in Singapore to park there, with some of them doing it for days, making it difficult for businesses because customers cannot find parking.

Cars were also parked on the road outside houses, making it dangerous for other drivers in the residential area reported The Star.

While residents and businesses have taken extreme measures to ensure that they don’t park there, such as placing flower pots and garbage bins at the parking bay, it seems that their deterrent won’t stop them as the workers have” even removed flower pots placed in front of residential houses to park their cars”.

Wong Lee Fei, who has lived at Kim Teng Park for 36 years, wishes that the Johor Baru City Council (MBJB) would take drastic actions to solve the problem.

“MBJB should impose tougher penalties like towing away their cars.I believe only then will these people learn a lesson,” said Wong.

MBJB is aware of parking issues in Kim Teng Park and will be taking appropriate action to deal with the matter. However, Mayor Datuk Mohd Noorazam Osman said MBJB would not be towing the car away straight away, even though it has the power to do so.

He said MBJB will use a more humane approach and raise awareness among all motorists in Johor Baru, not just in Kim Teng Park, so that they can be more considerate to others.

“So that is why, starting this year, our enforcement team will make an announcement for the first five minutes.”

“This is to notify vehicle owners, especially those who have parked their cars in an undesignated location or blocked any route,” he said.

“If the enforcement team does not receive any response, then their vehicle will be towed,” he said, adding that motorists would need to pay around RM500 to get their vehicles back (depending on the offence).

Picture credit: My Metro

Mohd Noorazam said the city council is currently upgrading its tow truck to be equipped with sirens and loudspeakers to improve its operations.

He also warned businesses and residents to stop placing items in the parking bay as it is illegal. If they do so, they may get fines as compounds would be issued under Section 46 of the Street, Drainage, and Building (Amendment) Act 1993 for placing obstructions in public places.

“Any premises owner who wishes to reserve parking spaces can apply to rent the bay for RM150 per month.

As you can see, not only have these workers caused trouble for the businesses and residents there, but they may even get them fined. We hope MBJB finds a solution as it seems unfair for the people of Kim Teng Park. 

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MyCC clarifies allegations of not solving Touch ‘n Go ‘monopolistic behaviour’

The Malaysian Competition Commission (MyCC) has posted a press release touching on allegations made by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (FOMCA) in relation to the ‘monopolistic behaviour’ of Touch ‘n Go (TnG).

It seems that FOMCA slammed MyCC for not doing their part in ending TnG’s ‘monopolistic behaviour’ by citing the Competition Act 2010 (Act 712) following a number of alleged moves made since 2018 by both Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd as well as TNG Digital.

MLFF toll system to able more payment methods

In response to the statement made by FOMCA, MyCC responded by stating that the understanding of the Competition Act 2010 was wrongly conceptualised by FOMCA as the issue of monopolies can only be taken into action if or when the company abuses its position in the current market.

It turns out that being dominant or monopoly in a current market is not an infringement and MyCC understands that the TnG monopoly on the toll payment system came to light following the government’s decision to abolish cash payments at tolls to reduce congestion.

The association between TnG and all highway concessionaires is currently governed by the Malaysian Highway Authority, which is not under MyCC’s jurisdiction. TnG itself is governed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) following the nature of the company as an electronic money service provider.

Nevertheless, MyCC did state that the future of the multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) toll system will allow all highway users to use any digital mode of payment (including debit and credit cards) and thus eliminating TnG’s monopoly on toll payment systems – a monopoly that naturally took place and not by company abusing its position in the market.

Limited interventions by MyCC – good results

MyCC also stated that despite its limited interventions on several issues raised by FOMCA as well as public complaints towards TnG, they were able to resolve a few matters such as:

Abolish TnG’s parking surcharge at 94% of locations in 2021
Pushed for more TnG reload channels & free-of-charge reload services
Introduction of TnG NFC cards
Refund for dormant and lost cards to be completed within 30 days

“MyCC has been working tirelessly since 2019 to further enhance its powers under Act 712 and the Competition Commission Act 2010 via the amendments of both Acts, which are expected to be tabled in Parliament by this year. The amendments focus on the powers of MyCC to investigate and enforce the law including the introduction of the merger control regime to prevent the formation of cartels and new monopolies.”

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Is Toyota planning to launch the Prius GRMN edition?

The latest 2023 Toyota Prius was recently launched last month and reports of a more extreme GRMN edition have already come to light.

We’re not entirely sure how that’ll turn out, but a high-performance version of the latest generation Toyota Prius should be a match made in heaven considering how cool this thing looks compared to its predecessors.

Toyota Prius PHEV & GRMN Performance upgrades

Right now, there are eight different variants of the latest 2023 Toyota Prius that are on sale in Japan. All of them at the moment are HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) models with two engine options – 1.8 and 2.0.

A plug-in hybrid variant will be launched sometime in March 2023 and that will soon be followed by the Prius GRMN performance version either at the end of 2023 or early 2024.

The 2.0 PHEV version might be the one that’s upgraded to the GRMN edition, which might see a boost in terms of overall power output for both the ICE engine and electric motor. For now, the 2.0-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine HEV Prius kicks out a healthy 196PS.

Why a GRMN version for the Prius?

Why not? A GR version of the Toyota Prius is already an interesting prospect, but a GRMN edition? Who wouldn’t want to see a highly-upgraded 2023 Prius that can rip through the Nurburgring like a boss.

Sources are also indicating that the GRMN Prius might get a new PHEV powertrain altogether, but if that happens to be true, then don’t expect it to be anywhere affordable. Other bells and whistles like chassis upgrades, enhanced brakes and suspension, and GR-finished interior should also be on the plate.

Do take note that the 2023 Toyota Prius does share the GA-C chassis with the already impressive GR Corolla. Just need a few more additions to beef it up before it’s ready to be bestowed with the full GRMN treatment.


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Parent turns car into deathtrap – seat and seatbelts removed, kids lie down at the back

The Star’s lifestyle division, mStar, recently shared an article showing that some parents are willing to risk their family’s lives by modifying their vehicle and turning it into a rolling bedroom.

There’s actually nothing wrong with modifying a vehicle and turning it into a motor home, as it can provide maximum comfort when you are parked at some beautiful locations, but when parents neglect the safety of their family by allowing their kids to be unbuckled on the move, it becomes a problem.

Letting kids ride a car without having seatbelts on is one thing, but when you remove all of the seats in your car except for the driver’s seat, where your kids and wife have nowhere to sit on safely, you’re just asking for trouble.

Picture credit:mStar

mStar shared a Twitter video showing a modified vehicle that no longer has a front passenger seat and seats in the back.

All that is available in the vehicle is a floor-like platform covered with sheets, allowing passengers the freedom to sit cross-legged or lie down as casually as at home.

The video also shows a couple of kids lying at the back watching TV while the front passenger, assumed to be the driver’s wife, was cross-legged in the front passenger seat area, with one hand clinging to the door handle.

Picture credit:mStar

Only the driver is in a car seat equipped with a seat belt.

A netizen questioned the safety and risk aspects for the owner of the vehicle, where he said that it only takes an emergency stop to occur for the kids to fly straight to the front windshield.

“It looks beautiful and comfortable, right? But the probability of dying increases suddenly if there is an accident.

“Don’t do this. Love your family members,” he wrote in a tweet.

Other netizens also chimed in and agreed about the vehicle modification, which invites danger, especially when moving on the road.

Some described the driver as selfish, without caring about the safety of others.

“Dia lupa kelajuan kenderaan dengan momentum kot.”

“Ni brek sikit je, confirm melekat kat cermin depan semua, Bahaya”.

“Windscreen (cermin depan) pun dah retak.”

“Eloklah tu, yang suami pakai seatbelt, lain-lain tak pakai. Bila kemalangan jadi apa-apa yang nak meraung dia juga nanti. Nauzubillah, jadilah ketua keluarga yang bijak”.

If the vehicle driver forgot, seatbelts were invented to improve vehicle safety. The widespread adoption of seatbelts was driven mainly by concerns about the increasing number of traffic accidents and fatalities on the road. 

They have been credited with saving countless lives and reducing the severity of injuries in accidents, which is why seatbelts are now enforced in many countries, making it mandatory for drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts while driving.

Yes, your vehicle looks fantastic and will help you create many beautiful memories with your family, but please have some seats and seatbelts to create memories with your family in the first place.