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Car fuel economy myths – don’t believe them!

At some point in your life, someone might have ‘advised’ you on some ‘mythical’ ways of improving the fuel economy of your beloved cars.

These so-called ‘tips’ to save fuel as well as your hard-earned money go far and wide and while some of them have been proven to work, there are also some that have been debunked by experts but you’ll still see people doing them (and going viral on social media) nonetheless.

Here are some fuel economy myths that have been proven to NOT work so you can avoid them and save your time and effort.

Myth 1: Warm up your car first, don’t simply start & drive off! – BUSTED

All modern-day cars are fuel-injected and the ECU (electronic control unit) is smart enough to control the optimal fuel and air mixture the engine needs from the moment the car is turned on. It’ll also alter that ratio as the car gets warmer, so there’s really no need to let the car idle to its optimum temperature before driving off.

It’s better for you and your car to just start driving at a decent pace from the moment the car’s engine is turned on. Once the car is at operating temperature (when that blue temperature indicator turns off or when the temperature gauge reaches the normal level), then you can give it all the beans. Just don’t go ‘pedal to the metal’ from the start. Keep calm, start driving, and your car will thank you for it.

Myth 2: Shake your car while refuelling, get rid of ALL the air! – BUSTED

Ah yes, the shaking and rolling of the car while refuelling at the petrol pump. The reasoning for this weird behaviour started out as a simple thought of ‘shaking’ out all the air bubbles in the fuel tank.

Every single vehicle manufacturer has designed their fuel tanks to accommodate the right levels of both fuel and air. Throwing that balance off by filling it up with fuel all the way up to the fuel cap will affect the performance of the breather valves and drain holes which are used to avoid your fuel from getting contaminated.

Myth 3: Fuel pump already ‘clicked’? Continue filling! – BUSTED

To continue with the first point of overfilling your fuel tank, doing that will cause more harm to the vehicle’s Evaporative Emission System (EVAP) where its main function is to store and dispose of fuel vapours. The key word here is ‘vapours’, so if there’s any liquid that goes into the system from the action of overfilling, get ready for an expensive repair bill.

Filling it up to the brim when the petrol pump ‘clicks’ to indicate that the fuel tank is already full is fine. That should be a sign for you to stop. Trust the fuel pump and never try to fill it up by getting rid of all the air pockets in the tank. Just don’t do it.

Myth 4: More expensive fuel = better fuel economy! – BUSTED

You might have heard from a lot of folks that say they use RON 95 fuel for normal driving in their normal cars, but switch over to RON 97 for longer road trips. Some practise this on a daily basis despite not driving high-performance or luxury cars.

If your new and modern car is stock or ‘standard’ with no aftermarket modifications like turbo kits or high-compression pistons that can ‘tekan-tekan preggy’, the minimum fuel octane rating recommended by the manufacturer is safe to use for any normal day-to-day driving scenarios in both short and long distance journeys. Filling up with RON 97 or higher won’t make your car run smoother or burn less fuel. What you’ll burn is a bigger hole in your wallet.

It’s a different case if you’re running older cars that don’t have knock sensors or perfectly-running ECUs but for most modern-day cars that are not considered as ‘high-performance’ or ‘tuned’, stick to the minimum RON number supported by your car and you’ll be just fine.

Myth 5: Fill up at night, get more fuel! – BUSTED

We’re all guilty of doing this at least once – refuelling at night because it’s colder so that the fuel won’t turn into vapour. This has been debunked so many times, but we’re going to explain it one more time for you guys and gals.

All the fuels are stored underground where the ambient temperatures above ground would have virtually zero effect on the state of the fuels. Conditions are kept constant when you refuel your cars even at the hottest point of the day. If you fill up 10 litres of fuel, you will get 10 litres from the pump no matter the time of day.

Buy Fuel-Efficient Cars with CARSOME (Not a Myth!)

If you’re really worried about fuel economy, the best way to start tackling this is by getting yourself a fuel-efficient car from the get-go. There are many options out there from EEVs

(Energy Efficient Vehicles) like the Perodua Axia to mild-hybrids and even PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) both new and used, depending on your budget.

You can find some really good used options available at CARSOME in all shapes and sizes. For even greater peace of mind, look for those that are labeled with the CARSOME Certified banner. Each CARSOME Certified car has passed a strict 175-point inspection and is professionally refurbished. Furthermore, each car comes with a fixed price and no hidden fees, a five-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year warranty.

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Ready To Sell Your Car? Here Are Some Tips To Make It A Buttery Smooth Process

Selling your car can seem like a daunting step, especially for those who have not done so before. However, getting the most out of your car sale need not be such a confusing or harrowing experience if you know how to navigate the needs and expectations of the buyer.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you a few steps you can take to make your car more enticing to its new prospective owner by maximising its perceived value. It’s essentially putting your car’s best foot forward to make the best possible first impression.

Gather All Documents

This should actually be considered Step 0 as a responsible car owner should have easy access to all pertinent documents relating to the vehicle. The most important is the registration grant, first of all, but this will also relate to any purchase receipts obtained during the original purchase.
This could be from the dealership, bank, JPJ, PUSPAKOM, and the like. There will also likely be some extra matters to settle if your car still has an outstanding loan. However, before dealing with that, it’s important to have all the important documents and information in order to plan your sale and present the right information to buyers.

Make Sure Everything Is Working And Running Well

It’s useful to take the perspective of a buyer and experience your car with fresh (and critical eyes). Anything out of the ordinary or mildly worrying could be a red flag – that odd noise coming from the engine bay, the creak coming from the passenger side door.

It’s also a very good idea to send your car in for a full service to ensure that the car is running on a full set of fresh fluids. On a test drive, buyers will be looking out for a smooth engine, poised suspension, fully functioning electronics, and other potential signs of obvious wear such as worn tyres and interior trim.

Get Your Car Detailed

Supposing your car is free from rust and obvious body damage, showing it off in gleaming condition is the surest way to wow buyers, indicating it’s a well-maintained and cared-for example. Whether you have a Proton Saga or a Toyota Corolla, this will legitimately boost its market value.
A professional detailer will be able to advise you on how much work needs to be done in terms of polishing in order to restore the car to its showroom level of gloss and vibrancy as neglect and general wear can dull the paintwork.

An interior detail is also recommended to, again, restore its condition as close to factory fresh as possible. Not only that, but a full detailing treatment will also include cleaning and some restorative treatment to the wheels, engine bay, and undercarriage, depending on how much you are willing to pay.

Delete Personal Information

For newer cars, particularly ones with in-built navigation and fancy touchscreen infotainment systems, privacy can become a serious concern as they will invariably accumulate personal information.

From map locations that might display our home or work address (or that of our loved ones), phone numbers, mobile device identifiers, music preferences, and applications, to digital content and subscription details – our cars have become a goldmine to be compromised.
Though the process varies by make and model, every car should have a reset function that will automatically delete these kinds of personal information, so do your research or consult your owner’s manual for the proper procedure.

Want to skip the headache? Sell Your Car With CARSOME

CARSOME’s mission is to help everyday car buyers and sellers like yourself by taking the headache and guesswork out of your hands, replacing it with ease and transparency from end to end.

To get started, just book an appointment slot for a FREE inspection at any of their nationwide locations. Your car will then be attended to by a skilled member of their inspection staff, who will conduct a 175-point check before presenting you with an offer.

If you are satisfied with the offer, you can sell your car directly to CARSOME or opt for live bidding. Either way, CARSOME takes care of all the paperwork hassle and other busywork so that you don’t have to. Even better, you’ll enjoy fast payment and can even get paid the full agreed value for your car in as little as 1 hour!

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Lexus to lead the EV charge for Toyota – Toyota models concentrate on energy-efficient vehicles for now

Toyota’s new president Koji Sato has rejigged Toyota’s EV strategy, with Lexus to lead the way.

Toyota’s incoming president Koji Sato has told reporters at a news conference that Lexus will lead the EV transformation for the brand as they will develop a “next-generation” all-electric Lexus model by 2026 to meet the rising demand for such cars.

Koji Sato on the left having a good time with Toyota’s outgoing president Akio Toyoda 

Nikkaie Asia reported that he pointed to the EV shift in developed countries, which is the main market for the Lexus brand, and said that Toyota is trying to meet such rising needs. 

“We aim to develop a next-generation battery EV in the Lexus brand in which everything from batteries and platforms to the way the car is built will be optimized for BEVs,” said Sato. 

“To deliver appealing BEVs, we need to drastically change the way we do business, from manufacturing to sales and service, with a BEV-first mindset,” said the newly appointed president. “Lexus will lead this transformation.” he continued.

When reporters asked him about Toyota’s lack of EV strategy, Sato said he regretted that there were “communication issues” around the matter, but he is here to rectify it. 

Lexus RZ featuring Yoke type steering wheel

According to Nikkei Asia, Toyota’s EV strategy is for the mid to long term and it is currently focused on energy-saving efforts and cutting emissions from its models by using hydrogen fuel-cells and other technologies in addition to batteries, as well as in its day-to-day business operations.

As an engineer and the current chief of Toyota, Sato oversaw the development of the first electric Lexus, the RZ, which is expected to be launched this year.

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Two mechanics arrested for drag racing on DASH Highway

Two mechanics have been arrested following a viral video of them drag racing on the DASH Highway (Damansara-Shah Alam Elevated Expressway).

The viral video posted by Kosmo Online showed four cars going up the wrong way near the Denai Alam toll plaza before lining up for a drag race. It was reported that the incident which took place between 12.30am and 1.30am on 27 February 2023 involved a total of six cars.

The two mechanics in question ages 20 and 29 have been taken into custody for further investigations. The police also confiscated two Proton Satria vehicles that were involved in the drag race.

Kosmo also stated that the ‘drag race’ was simply to test out their machines on the DASH Highway with no prizes involved. The police are still looking for the other four suspects in relation to this particular incident, which also happen to drive the same make and model.

Our thoughts on this are simple; do not drag race on public roads, no matter how empty the road may seem. And it doesn’t really help if your cars are slow. Want to race? Go to the track. Want to drive up to a car meet? Follow the rules and regulations set by the organiser.

Most importantly, don’t act like hooligans and ruin it for everyone else who wants to have a good time and can follow the rules at the same time.

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The Honda City Sedan facelift features minimal changes

Honda City Sedan facelift will be launched in India soon, featuring minimal changes.

There have been rumours that Honda is about to reveal a Honda City sedan facelift in India, with many publications getting hold of rendered images prior to its launch.

Well thanks to scoop specialist,, we can now actually see some real-life photos of the vehicle.

Picture credit: Headlightmag

As with a lot of Honda facelifts, changes to the City sedan are minimal, featuring a redesigned front bumper as well as a slimmer chrome strip that stretches from one headlight to the other. Look quickly, and you wouldn’t even notice the redesigned chrome strip.

Speaking of looking at the car quickly, if you do take some time, you will notice that the grille design has also changed, no longer featuring a honeycomb-type design. Judging by its looks, this is probably a top-spec model, so we’re not sure what the lower variants will be getting.

Honda, however has maintained the sharp and stylish headlights with nine LED elements as before, and we can safely assume that all variants will maintain this look.

Picture credit: Headlightmag

At the rear, the City sedan facelift seems similar to the current model, and the same goes for the wheels, which look like the wheels on the current model.

Picture credit:

The same could be said about the interior, as it looks very similar to the current model although the refreshed model might come with more added features, such as wireless charging, ventilated seats, a new infotainment system featuring better Apple Carplay and Android Auto connectivity.

When it does eventually come to Malaysia, you can probably expect the same powerplants being offered currently, which include a 1.5-litre NA and a 1.5-litre hybrid. 

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Hyundai Elantra gets a facelift – New front and back make the sedan look wider and meaner

The Hyundai Elantra gets a facelift, featuring a new front and rear end which makes the car look wider and lower. Everything else though is pretty much business as usual.

Although the Hyundai Elantra is one of the least popular c-segment sedans in the market today, there are some fans of the Korean sedan out there, who might be interested to know that the 7th-gen Elantra has been given a facelift.

The 2023 version of the C-segment sedan has been revealed in South Korea. The refreshed model receives a reworked front end giving it a fiercer and sharper look. 

New lights with a different design is part of the refresh, and to accomodate it, Hyundai had to also give the new Elantra some new fenders to help fit those headlights. Hyundai’s signature Parametric grill is still there, but this time the upper and lower grill have been separated, whereas the previous car saw it having it in one piece.

Although the front of the 2023 Elantra seems to looks wider and sportier than before, we actually prefer the current design as it feels more streamlined, but some have said the look was a dealbreaker, which perhaps this new design has remedied.

At the back, the taillights still look the same, but the bumper now comes with a more intricate diffuser design , also making the car look wider and meaner than before. 

From the side profile’s point of view, the straight and sharp body lines of the Elantra remain unchanged, but there are some new alloy rims to provide the side with a refreshed look.

As for the powertrain option, the Elantra in South Korea is offered in many different configurations, including the 1.6-litre NA Smartstream petrol unit, featuring 123 PS and 154 Nm torque matched with an IVT gearbox. This is unit is the sole engine and transmission option offered here in Malaysia.


A more powerful configuration is also offered through the Elantra N Line which is equipped with 1.6-litre turbocharged Smartstream petrol engine producing 204 PS and 265 Nm of torque, along with the option of a six-speed gearbox or seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission.

The full-fat Elantra, the Elantra N obviously gets the most powerful engine, featuring a 2.0 litre Theta turbo petrol unit with 280 PS and 392 Nm of torque, paired with a choice of six-speed manual or eight-speed DCT gearbox.

The cabin design is still the same, with the dashboard featuring a 10.25-inch digital instrument display and 8-inch infotainment system, just like the ones in the Malaysian Elantra. 

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New Mini EV charging facility opens in Penang at Gurney Plaza

Auto Bavaria has introduced the first Mini EV charging facility in the northern region located in Penang.

The Mini charging facility is located at Gurney Plaza Penang (sixth floor) and there are three units of the Mini Gen 3 Wallbox chargers available for use and yes, they are open for public use.

These wallbox chargers offer up to 22kW of AC charging for those looking to get your charge on for both fully-electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). There are currently four EV charging stations at the location, and three of them are nicely dressed in the Mini livery. All are open for use from 10am to 10pm daily.

According to Vi Thim Juan, Managing Director, Sime Darby Auto Bavaria, “In 2022, the Mini Electric accounted for over 30% of the Mini models delivered by Auto Bavaria Penang, demonstrating a growing demand for Electric Vehicles in these parts of Malaysia. The new facilities for charging Mini vehicles at Gurney Plaza aim to support this growing demand for electric vehicles as well as offer more access to public charging in the northern states.”

“Gurney Plaza is the ideal location for our charging facility as it is a popular mall strategically located in the heart of Penang, making the location convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles while they are out and about shopping at the mall,” added Vi.


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Proton strengthens parts supply in East Malaysia with new Regional Part Centre

Proton has officially opened its latest Regional Parts Centre in Kuching, Sarawak.

The new regional parts centre will provide some much-needed support in terms of after-sales services in East Malaysia by reducing the lead time for parts delivery by at least 30%. Faster parts, faster service turnaround, happier customers.

Located in the Bintawa Industrial area, the new parts centre by Proton has the capacity to receive up to six containers of parts at any particular time. As of now, the team there is currently processing an average of 17 containers per month, which is around three months’ worth of stock. Direct overseas shipment is also available.

According to Roslan Abdullah, Deputy CEO of Proton, “With increasing customer demand over the last four years, Proton’s previous warehouse facilities in East Malaysia were overflowing with parts and running inefficiently due to space limitations. The new Regional Parts Centre in Kuching is three times larger than its predecessor and will function as a parts distribution centre for after-sales parts and components for Sarawak as well as Sabah if the need arises.”

“The added space also allows Proton to increase delivery by 50% from 3,000 orders per month to 4,500 orders per month with a maximum capacity of 6,000 orders per month should it be needed. This allows us to achieve more parts throughput and as of today we are quickly clearing backlogged orders from our dealers and customers,” added Roslan.


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6th-gen Honda CR-V spotted in Malaysia – to be launched soon?

The 6th-Gen Honda CR-V mule car has been spotted around the Klang Valley recently, suggesting that it might just get a local debut this year.

The next-gen Honda CR-V was unveiled globally last year, and usually, it takes some time for Honda Malaysia to complete its local road testing to identify any issues that need to be addressed before the vehicle can be approved for sale in the local market.

Picture for illustration purposes, this was the CR-V spotted in Thailand

But judging by the sightings of the 6th-Gen Honda CR-V mule car around the Klang Valley recently, we might just get a surprise introduction of the new CR-V this year.

If you’ve been eyeing up the 6th-Gen CR-V and can’t wait to get your hands on it, here are some things you need to know about the CR-V, based on its market debut in the United States.

2023 Honda CR-V powertrains

Powering the lower-rung variants is the familiar 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo four-cylinder petrol with its outputs carried over as well, sending 193PS and 243Nm to the front wheels (AWD optional) via Honda’s CVT.

Moving to the higher variants, these cars have lifted the powertrain from the hybridised Civic, featuring the naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine that’s paired with two electric motors.

Its traction motor actually delivers 20Nm additional torque over the last time we saw this hybrid combo, and altogether delivers 207PS for the of the line Honda CR-V

Exterior design of the 2023 Honda CR-V

In terms of its exterior design, there are definitely some of Honda’s newest aesthetic cues at play. It’s a squarer shape overall that should stand it in good stead among the chunkier SUVs that.

There are hints of the Accord and Civic here and there, but for better or worse, its pronounced shoulder line does give the CR-V that beefy look which suits modern SUVs.

Its bonnet is rather flat and pretty long for a Honda, and at the nose, its fascia is more uncluttered than we’re used to seeing from Honda but it does give the SUV amore upmarket look. Slim headlights flank a rather large central grille that’s joined by other cosmetic furnishings depending on the variant chosen.

Interior 2023 Honda CR-V

Inside, the CR-V doesn’t stray far from the Civic in terms of general ergonomics and layout. Where the previous-gen version sported a fairly distinctive dashboard design to fit its more purposeful, practicality-oriented ethos, we wouldn’t be surprised if this 6th-generation replacement was lifted directly from the FE with only the most minor of alterations.

Each variant receives a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but only the range-topper gets a 12-speaker Bose sound system among other goodies.

In addition to an impressive reserve of 10 airbags, each CR-V should receive Honda Sensing as standard with AEB, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, and all the rest, enhanced by a new 90-degree FOV camera system and 120-degree millimetre-wave radar.

When will it hit the showrooms?

The big question on everyone’s minds is probably how long will it take for this newest C-segment SUV to reach the showrooms, but judging by the sightings, it probably won’t be that much longer.

Upon its arrival, can Honda Malaysia keep up with demand enough to avoid any waiting period that’s becoming a stain on most new cars these days? Well, if you don’t want to be part of the queue, you should stay in tune with updates about the CR-V to get the jump in front of most people.

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Diesel smuggling is real and here is a great example of the syndicate working

Myanmar nationals were arrested after being suspected of embezzling 8,000 litres of diesel worth RM124,200.

When Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim tabled the 2023 budget, he took some time to highlight that enforcement agencies, in collaboration with industry players, will intensify enforcement efforts to curb the leakage of proceeds and subsidies of diesel due to smuggling syndicates.

What was he talking about? well, the recent report by Berita Harian about two foreigners getting arrested for smuggling 8,000 litres of diesel is a great example of the problems we are facing concerning diesel smuggling.

Picture credit: Berita Harian

According to BH’s report, two Myanmar nationals, aged in their 30s and 40s, were arrested in a raid in Kampung Bukit Lada, Kedah after being suspected of embezzling 8,000 litres of diesel worth RM124,200.

The operation was carried out by the Intelligence/Operations Unit of the Federal Reserve Force (FRU) of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Bukit Aman before being handed over to the Kedah Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN).

According to Kedah KPDN director, Affendi Rajini, the police also confiscated two tanks and some diesel transporting equipment used for the activity.

“The interrogation of the foreigners found that the premises did not have permission from the supply controller to deal with the controlled goods”, said Rajini.Picture credit: Berita Harian

“The remand order was obtained from the Alor Setar Court and both suspects were remanded for four days starting yesterday”.

If convicted, they can be fined not more than RM1 million or imprisoned not more than three years or both.

For corporations, a fine of not more than RM2 million can be imposed and for the second offence a fine of not more than RM5 million.

These syndicates smuggle subsidized diesel meant for agricultural and industrial use to be sold illegally in the black market, where it is used for transportation and other purposes.

The illegal diesel is then sold to customers, including transportation companies, at a cheaper price than the regular diesel sold at petrol stations. This results in significant losses for the government, as it is unable to collect the excise duties and sales taxes on the smuggled diesel.