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What does CARSOME look for when they refurbish a car?

Buying a car can be, and usually is, a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions. However, buying a typical used car can bring more lows than highs as there’s much less certainty about its condition. Despite it being cheaper now that it has seen a few miles, there’s always a price to pay, so to speak.

CARSOME and its Certified cars seek to bridge that gap, ensuring the cars that have passed through its Certified Lab come out the other side offering the same kind of peace of mind and transparency that makes a showroom-fresh vehicle so tempting. Let’s run through the meticulous process by which CARSOME ‘Certifies’ their cars!

First of all, even before any reconditioning, repair or refurbishment can begin, each car is subject to a rigorous 175-point inspection to ensure they are free from flood or fire damage and hasn’t been involved in major accidents.

From this point, the inspectors will focus on a number of areas to dive deeper into, to ascertain the true quality of a particular car, using this as a basis to determine if and what needs attention during refurbishment.


The car’s exterior is the first point of impression anyone makes with it, but it’s important to know what to look for in order to go beyond what is merely skin deep. CARSOME’s professional inspectors will take the time to investigate and verify the car’s:

Engine, VIN, chassis number
Wheels and tyres.
Body panels, bumpers.
Door panels, bonnet, boot
Glass – front and rear windscreen, windows, mirrors
Exterior lights

The first stop on the list is to verify the car’s chassis and engine number are a match and are free from any tampering to ensure this isn’t a ‘clone car’ or one that has been declared a total loss, keeping a sharp eye for signs of shoddy repair work, rust, mold, joint welding marks, and other potential red flags. Again, this is to further support the conclusion that the car is free from flood and fire damage.


The undercarriage or underside, an often overlooked part of the car, can reveal so much about its true condition.

Again, the inspector will be out to find any signs of damage, paying particular attention to potential fluid leaks, as well as taking a closer look at the car’s engine, transmission, brakes, and exhaust system.


The importance of a car’s interior functionality and condition cannot be overstated given how much time its occupants will be spending in it. The cabin’s comprehensive inspection is therefore out to ensure everything works well and all components below meet CARSOME Certified standards:

Meters and gauges, indicator lights, warning lights
Audio system, infotainment
Alarm and central locking
Air conditioning
Carpet, trim, floor mats
Boot and storage compartments
Sunroof and convertible top (if equipped)

Quick Road Test:

Once the Exterior, Interior, and Undercarriage inspection has been concluded and the inspector is satisfied so far, they will move on to a quick road test. This is an important step in the process as this can help weed out previously hidden issues that might only reveal themselves during normal driving.

The aim here is to make sure the car’s engine, transmission, and brakes are indeed working well, keeping an eye on the car’s operating temperature, responsiveness of the car’s steering system, as well as for excessive noises or vibrations that need further investigation.

CARSOME Certified Cars come with a 1-year warranty!

From the meticulous full inspection to detailed refurbishment process, every car CARSOME Certified Car is protected from day one to inject that all-important peace of mind to the ownership process. To top it off, each CARSOME Certified car comes with a 1-year warranty!

Browse CARSOME’s extensive list of Certified Cars on their website or app (on Google Play or the App Store) and book a test drive today!

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Up to RM10k in savings and amazing deals at CARSOME Autofair 2023 – 8-11th December!

It’s almost unbelievable that we are nearing the end of 2023. We’ve all been through some joy and hardships, such is ebb and flow of life, but what better way to treat ourselves for a year well-lived than by adding a quality car to help us navigate the coming 12 months of 2024? 

And it just so happens that the CARSOME Autofair 2023 is right around the corner to make it easier than ever to hop into the driver’s seat of your next, even dream, vehicle. There are some fantastic deals to be enjoyed at Malaysia’s premier year-end car sales event, happening from December 8th to 11th at CARSOME PJ Automall from 9:00AM to 6:00PM daily. 

With over 2,000 cars from 30 diverse brands showcased and available for test drive, encompassing everything from budget-friendly compacts to C-Segment step-ups and premium SUVs, all in a single location, with discounts reaching up to RM 10k, there’s no shortage of new-to-you car possibilities.

Buyers of a CARSOME Certified used vehicles during the Autofair will also benefit from a 1+1 year extended warranty, doubling the coverage to a total of 2 years, ensuring greater peace of mind. 

Moreover, customers will receive 2 FREE service vouchers for subsequent services at any CARSOME service center, along with a FREE Trapo Eco car mat set, known for its durability, superb fit, ease of maintenance, and resistance to bacteria.

Of course, the Autofair isn’t solely about getting behind the wheel of your next ride; it’s also an opportune moment to trade in or sell your current vehicle. Trading-in to CARSOME during this event grants an additional RM2,000 trade-in discount on your next car. 

There will also be lucky draw prizes to be won such as a C7 Car Battery Charger and Aerotwin windshield wipers from Bosch. Meanwhile, those looking for hi-tech car accessories can head to the Dynaquest booth where they’ll be showcasing 360-degree panoramic dashcams, reversing cameras, infotainment systems, and car speakers galore. 

In addition to many other freebies, IGL Coatings, a Malaysian company that’s now leading car care brand globally, will be bringing 1,000 IGL Coating Cards worth RM12 each for event visitors to enjoy. Additionally, lucky draw winners will be receiving CARSOME x IGL Coatings Wash & Shine Kits worth RM323!

However, for those opting to sell outright, CARSOME sweetens the deal by adding RM200 on top of the agreed selling price during the Autofair. 

This year-end CARSOME Autofair stands as the pinnacle event for CARSOME each year, where an array of top-notch used cars, the finest deals, extended warranties, and comprehensive after-sales packages are consolidated under one roof, offering immense value to customers 

Again, all these unmissable deals are yours to be enjoyed at CARSOME PJ Automall from December 8th to 11th, running daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For those eager to get ahead of the crowd, you can explore the latest offers on fantastic CARSOME used cars HERE.

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TIPS BATERI KERETA TAHAN LAMA : Elak bateri kereta kong lebih cepat dengan 4 tips ini.

Ketahui cara tingkatkan jangka hayat bateri kereta, seperti cara periksa bateri kereta, tabiat memandu yang boleh memendekkan jangka hayat bateri kereta dan pemilihan bateri kereta berkualiti.


Malaysia terkenal dengan cuaca yang panas dan lembap. Tahukah anda, haba panas merupakan salah satu faktor dalam mengurangkan jangka hayat dan juga prestasi bateri kereta anda. Tetapi anda tidak perlu risau, semua bateri kereta telah ditambah baik bagi mengelakkan cuaca di Malaysia mengganggu ketahanan bateri anda. Walaubagaimanapun, anda masih perlu memahami cara menjaga bateri kereta dengan betul supaya anda dapat mengurangkan risiko bateri kereta kong dengan lebih cepat.

Berapa lama ketahanan bateri kereta anda?

Apa cara untuk elak bateri kereta kong lebih cepat?

Pemeriksaan bateri kereta berkala, cara cek bateri kereta
Cara pemanduan yang seimbang
Elak penggunaan sistem elektrik berlebihan
Menggunakan bateri kereta berkualiti


Berapa lama ketahanan bateri kereta anda?

Ia bergantung kepada jenis bateri apa yang kereta anda gunakan. Bagi jangka hayat bateri kereta kering, ia mempunyai jangka hayat sekitar 2 tahun sahaja. Manakala, bagi jangka hayat bateri kereta basah pula antara 5 hingga 10 tahun.  Anda pakai kereta hybrid? Jangka hayat bateri kereta hybrid bergantung kepada jenama kereta anda, bagi Honda, syarikat menjanjikan ia boleh digunakan sehingga 8 tahun, manakala bagi Toyota pula sehingga 120ribu km. Tapi… semua ini bergantung kepada cara pemakaian anda. Jom baca beberapa tips supaya bateri kereta anda tahan lama.

Apa cara untuk elak bateri kereta kong lebih cepat?

Pemeriksaan bateri kereta berkala, cara cek bateri kereta

Rajin-rajinkan diri anda untuk membuka but depan kereta dengan lebih kerap. Jangan lupa, bateri kereta juga perlu diperiksa sama seperti minyak hitam. Bateri kereta ada SERBUK BIRU? AWAS! Itu merupakan pertanda karat. Elak dari serbuk tersebut berkumpul di bateri kereta anda. Bersihkan menggunakan serbuk soda dan air serta gosok menggunakan berus dawai. Selain itu, anda juga boleh cek bateri kereta guna multimeter. Ini dapat membuat anda lebih yakin untuk meneruskan perjalanan anda terutamanya perjalanan jauh.

Cara pemanduan yang seimbang

Tahukah anda, perjalanan pendek yang kerap boleh merosakkan bateri kereta anda. Apabila anda memandu, alternator akan cas semula bateri. Jadi, bila perjalanan terlampau pendek, bateri tak sempat cas penuh dan menyebabkan kapisiti bateri menurun. Kesimpulannya, elak membuat perjalanan pendek atau sering “start” dan “off” enjin kereta anda.

Elak penggunaan sistem elektrik berlebihan

Siapa pernah terlupa “off” lampu kereta bila pergi “Mall”? Masuk kereta, enjin tak boleh hidup! Malunya kena pinjam bateri kereta lain untuk “jump” kereta anda. Kenapa jadi macamni? Ini kerana, bila enjin mati, bateri kereta anda perlu bekerja keras untuk mengekalkan sistem elektik di kereta anda. Isu ini boleh membuat bateri kereta lebih cepat habis. Mengakibatkan, bateri kereta cepat habis. Jadi, dangan pakai barang elektrik dalam kereta tanpa menghidupkan enjin kereta.
Bayangkan anda nak ke suatu destinasi, jadi anda masuk kereta lalu anda “ON” lampu depan, radio, caj telefon, caj “power bank”. Kita baca pun penat, inikan pula bateri kereta anda. Elak dari menggunakan barang elektrik dalam kereta dengan serentak. Ia akan membuatkan bateri kereta anda bekerja lebih keras. Hasilnya? Bateri cepat kong!

Menggunakan bateri kereta berkualiti

Walaupun harga sedikit tinggi, memilih jenama bateri kereta yang betul adalah pilihan yang berbaloi. Bateri kereta yang berkualiti telah dibuktikan mempunyai jangka hayat yang lebih lama. Ini bermakna, anda tidak perlu terlalu kerap tukar bateri kereta anda. Ia boleh membantu anda berjimat dalam jangka waktu panjang.Sebagai contoh, jangka hayat bateri kereta amaron (NS60L RM288) adalah 3 tahun sehingga 3 tahun setengah. Manakala untuk jangka hayat bateri kereta century (NS60L RM200) pula adalah 2 hingga 3 tahun. Jadi Ia bergantung kepada anda. Ingin yang murah atau lebih tahan lama.



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2024 Proton S70 launched – All-new C-segment sedan starting from a B-segment friendly RM74k!

Finally, Proton’s return to the C-segment non-SUV space, the much anticipated S70, has been launched!

We have already seen plenty of this car during the preview sessions held at their test facility, and even previously when the car was spied on open roads without any camouflage wrap to obscure its looks.

As has already been confirmed by Proton, there are 4 variants of the S70 kicking off with the entry-level Executive (for RM73,800 ) all the way to the Flagship X (for RM94,800). Though the automaker declares it a size bigger than the Persona, its biggest rivals are the B-segment sedans, namely the Honda City, Nissan Almera, and Toyota Vios.

Proton S70 1.5T Executive – RM73,800
Proton S70 1.5T Premium – RM79,800
Proton S70 1.5T Flagship – RM89,800
Proton S70 1.5T Flagship X – RM94,800

Though priced quite similarly, the Proton S70’s offensive does include those somewhat larger dimensions as well as some rather interesting feature additions not typically seen or currently offered in rivals.

For one, the Flagship X is equipped with a sunroof – in fact, it’s the only item that sets it apart from the S70 Flagship. The other obvious example would be the 1.5-litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine that’s standard across the range.

The unit is a familiar one, being the lower output option fitted to the Proton X50 that uses multi-port fuel injection instead of direct injection (MPI, not TGDI). Power is therefore 150PS and 226Nm, which is a pretty high bar to set at this price. It’s even fitted with the same 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that’s also found in the X50.

Exterior highlights include 16-inch wheels for the Executive and Premium variants while the Flagship and Flagship X get larger 17-inch alloys. While we’re on the subject, the base Executive also misses out on LED headlamps, electric folding mirrors, and leatherette for its seats and steering wheel.

Moving up to the Flagship or Flagship X also nets you a cushier and more hi-tech cabin with a fully digital LCD instrument cluster, a wireless smartphone charger, and a larger 12.3-inch central infotainment touchscreen with voice command and 4G connectivity.

Crucially, only the Flagship and Flagship X will be receiving active safety (ADAS) features such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control and the like.

Proton are clearly quite excited about this new model, and so are we considering their previous all-new launches surrounded the SUV space exclusively. The local automaker expects it to do quite well against the Japanese B-segment contenders but it’s yet to be seen if it can sway SUV buyers.

That said, there’s probably only quite a small minority who reckon the S70 will overtake the X50 in terms of popularity. And even if it does, that’s still a pretty good problem for Proton to have.

Of course, the S70 is very much related to the Geely Emgrand and built on the same shared BMA platform that’s also used as the basis for the X50. There will be 7 exterior colours including Snow White, Armour Silver, Space Grey, Passion Red, Marine Blue, Teal Bayou Green, and Quartz Black (that final one being exclusive to the Premium X variant).

Proton will be offering the S70 with a standard 5-year unlimited mileage warranty, 5-year data package at 1GB/month, and 6 times free labour service.

For the first 3,000 customers, there is an Early Bird package which adds an Aerokit worth RM3,130, an RM500 service voucher, and an upgraded Proton Insurance Programme.

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Proton S70 2023: Harga, Spesifikasi, Varian, & Pilihan Warna


Ketahui Harga Proton S70, spesifikasi dalaman dan luaran serta warna yang terdapat untuk setiap varian.


Bukan Proton S50 tapi Proton S70, Apa yang istimewa dengan Proton S70?

Selepas Proton bergabung dengan Geely, Proton S70 adalah keluaran kereta sedan yang pertama bagi mereka. Sebelum ini, anda mesti terbaca tentang S50. Sebenarnya, nama tersebut hanyalah spekulasi dari orang awam. Kereta Proton S50 yang disebut-sebut dan dikongsikan telah disahkan sebagai Proton S70. Rekabentuk Proton S70 dikatakan telah diolah dari kereta Geely Emgrand. Ia menggunakan engine 1.5 liter NA CVT. Proton secara rasmi telah memasarkan Proton S70 sebagai sebuah kereta segmen C. Proton S70 telah disahkan mempunyai 4 varian iaitu Executive, Premium, Flagship dan Flagship X. Kesemuanya adalah menggunakan enjin yang sama. Kereta Proton S70 telah mula dihasilkan dan dijangka bakal berada di tangan bakal pengguna pada tahun 2024.


Berapa harga proton S70?

Harga Proton S70  di Malaysia bagi setiap varian adalah seperti berikut :

Proton S70 Executive: dari RM73,800

Proton S70 Premium: dari RM79,800

Proton S70 Flagship: dari RM89,800

Proton S70 Flagship X: dari RM94,800


Spesifikasi Proton S70

Kesemua varian Proton S70 mempunyai enjin yang sama. Ia dilengkapi dengan enjin turbo 1.5 liter dengan transmisi klac 7 kelajuan. Proton memaklumkan Proton S70 hanya memerlukan 9 saat sahaja untuk mencapai kelajuan 100 km/j dengan kuasa maksimum 150 PS dan daya tork 226 Nm. Spesifikasi setiap varian boleh didapati di bawah :


Proton S70 Executive

Tayar aloi 16-inci
Lampu depan dari halogen
Butang “Start” enjin dan teknologi pintar bagi pintu masuk
Paparan meter monokrom
Sistem infotainment 8 inci
4 pembesar suara
5 ruang cucuk USB
6 beg udara
Amaran lintas trafik belakang
Amaran pelanggaran belakang
Amaran membuka pintu
Bantuan tukar lorong


Proton S70 Premium

Varian ini mempunyai spesifikasi sama seperti varian “Executive” dengan beberapa penambahan seperti :

Lampu depan LED automatic
Bar lampu belakang LED
Tempat duduk yang diperbuat dari kulit
Penyaman udara automatic berserta lubang udara di belakang
Kamera undur
Sensor park kereta depan dan belakang


Proton S70 Flagship

Bagi varian ini, beberapa spesifikasi telah dinaiktaraf dari varian “Premium” seperti :

Tayar aloi 17-inci
Menggunakan kuasa elektrik untuk mengubah posisi tempat duduk pemandu
Paparan meter digital 10.25 inci
Sisten infotainment 12.3 inci
Pengecas tanpa wayar
Sistem pantauan tekanan tayar
Kamera 360  darjah
ADAS tahap 2


Proton S70 Flagship X

Varian ini, tidak mempunyai banyak perbezaan dengan varian “Flagship”. Ianya hanya mempunyai penambahan “sunroof” sahaja.


Luaran Proton S70

Antara ciri-ciri luaran yang boleh dilihat pada Proton S70 adalah ia mempunyai gril harapan yang menggunakan gabungan rekaan “Infinite Weave” dan “Ethereal Bow. Rekaan exterior Proton S70 ini membuatkan Proton S70 terlihat kemas dan elegan ditambah lagi dengan lambing Proton yang diletak di tengah jeriji. Selain itu, butang untuk teknologi pintu masuk pintar telah direka dengan warna krom di pintu pemandu, menambah sentuhan mewah kepada kereta ini.


Interior Proton S70

Rekaan dalaman atau interior Proton S70 terlihat premium dan moden. Ia menunjukkan bahawa Proton telah berusaha untuk menambah baik hasil rekaannya berbanding sedan keluaran Proton yang lalu. Salah satu rekaan dalaman yang dilihat telah dinaik taraf adalah dari segi gear. Ia telah ditambah baik dengan menggunakan pengendali gear T elektronik. Selain itu, rekabentuk “dashboard”. “Dashboard” pada kereta ini disusun mendatar dengan meletakkan konsol di tengah yang menampilkan S70 sebagai sebuah kereta yang moden, canggih dan bergaya. Namun, buat masa ini, kereta Proton S70 tidak disertakan dengan “Apple CarPlay” dan “Andoid Auto”.


Apa warna Proton S70?

Warna bagi Proton S70 adalah bergantung kepada varian yang ingin dipilih. Berikut adalah pilihan warna mengikut varian yang terdapat untuk Proton S70:

1.5T Executive: Snow White, Space Grey

1.5T Premium: Snow White, Space Grey, Armour Silver, Passion Red

1.5T Flagship: Snow White, Space Grey, Armour Silver, Passion Red, Marine Blue, Teal Bayou Green

1.5T Flagship X: Snow White, Space Grey, Marine Blue, Teal Bayou Green, Quartz Black



Apakah alternative bagi Proton S70?

Honda City 

Toyota Vios

Nissan Almera

Toyota Corolla Altis

Honda Civic


Bila Proton S70 dibuka untuk tempahan?

Proton S70 telah membuka tempahan dari 1 November, dan pelancaran rasmi serta hebahan harga adalah pada 28 November 2023.

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Lesen memandu tamat tempoh! Nak renew lesen online atau secara fizikal? Mana lebih mudah?

Ketahui pelbagai cara untuk renew lesen memandu anda secara online (melalui MySikap atau MyEG) atau fizikal dan harga renew lesen.


Bermula tahun 2020, pembaharuan lesen memandu boleh dilakukan secara  dalam talian melalui system MySikap atau MyEG. Namun begitu, terdapat beberapa jenis lesen yang masih tidak boleh dilakukan secara dalam talian iaitu Lesen Belajar Memandu dan Lesen Memandu Percubaan. Jikalau anda mempunyai lesen berikut, anda perlu memperbaharui lesen anda di JPJ berhampiran lokasi anda.


Bagaimana Cara Renew Lesen Online Menggunakan MySikap
Bagaimana Cara Renew Lesen Online Menggunakan MyEG
Apakah Cara Renew Lesen Secara Fizikal?
Berapa Harga Renew Lesen ?
Apa Denda Lewat Renew Lesen Memandu?


Bagaimana Cara Renew Lesen Online Menggunakan MySikap

Daftar MySikap

Isi butiran peribadi anda

Pergi ke emel anda dan daftar kembali ke dalam MySikap menggunakan kata laluan sementara. Kemudian, tukar kata laluan anda.
Tekan tab “Lesen Memandu”

Pergi ke tab permbaharuan lesen

Pilih jenis dan tempoh lesen

Bagaimana Cara Renew Lesen Online Menggunakan MyEG

Layari laman web MyEG. kLik bahagian login atau ‘Create Account’ 

Isi butiran peribadi anda jikalau anda membuat akaun baru 

Setelah berjaya masuk, klik ‘Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan’ 

Kemudian, klik butang ‘Baharu Lesen Memandu’ 

Isi butiran yang diperlukan dan terus pergi ke kaedah pembayaran

Setelah pembayaran selesai, anda boleh mendapatkan resit di dalam laman ini dan boleh mencetak bagi rujukan anda

Apakah Cara Renew Lesen Secara Fizikal?

Terdapat dua tempat Renew Lesen fizikal di Pejabat Pos dan JPJ

Anda boleh pergi ke mana-mana Pejabat Pos/ JPJ berdekatan rumah anda.

Pastikan anda membawa kad pengenalan dan lesen memandu atau slip lesen  (renew lesen percubaan) kepada petugas kaunter.

Jikalau Pejabat Pos/JPJ di tempat anda selalu dikunjungi orang ramai, dinasihatkan untuk datang awal bagi mengelakkan anda terpaksa menunggu lama.

Berapa Harga Renew Lesen ?

Bagi harga renew lesen memandu kereta, ianya RM30 setahun. Manakala harga renew lesen motor pula adalah RM20 setahun.

Apa Denda Lewat Renew Lesen Memandu?

Lesen memandu anda tamat tempoh? Jangan risau, tiada bayaran denda dikenakan untuk sesiapa yang lewat renew lesen memandu. Akan tetapi, JPJ telah membuat sistem baru dimana tamat tempoh lesen anda sama seperti tarikh lahir anda. Ini bagi memastikan anda sentiasa peka tentang bila anda patut renew lesen memandu anda. Jadi, terdapat sedikit kerugian bagi pihak anda jikalau anda melewatkan perkara ini.

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The Toyota Corolla GR Sport – Unassuming, Uncompromising Thrills

Rather than being merely a car to suit the lifestyles of most, the new Toyota Corolla GR Sport seeks to turn away from the norm. Though it sports all the merits of the regular four-door Corolla, it doesn’t take long for the GR Sport’s unique qualities to shine on their own.

The Corolla nameplate needs no introduction, of course, having cemented its place in automotive history decades ago, but the newest GR Sport variant introduced in Malaysia – at RM152,800 – introduces an edgier appeal to the consummate sedan.

In its 12th-generation, among its more defining characteristics is its newfound confident handling complemented by an overall more sophisticated ride and comfort characteristics, attributes that are most often mutually exclusive.

The Corolla GR Sport moves the needle closer to what driving enthusiasts prefer. By highlighting the platform’s inherent agility, its tuned suspension and steering make its presence outsized, deftly guiding it through a set of challenging bends in the stride of its GR Sport 18-inch alloy wheels (exclusive for Malaysia) in a Dark Grey Metallic finish.

Up front, its 1.8-litre naturally aspirated 2ZR-FE offers up a balance of performance, efficiency, and refinement, eagerly climbing through the revs up to its 6,400rpm redline. Of course, the driver always has manual override at their discretion via the paddle shifters – a sporty touch- that offers 7 virtual ratios.

Its driver can’t help but crack a smile. After all, this is the kind of sensation that many other cars are simply unable to deliver. Good as the shared TNGA platform is, crossovers and SUVs are always going to be negatively impacted by their higher-riding nature and less-than-optimal centre of gravity, aerodynamics, and balance.

While the SUV, or its modern front-driven city-dwelling evolution, has become the ‘default’ body style for passenger cars under the questionable promise of added versatility, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the four-door sedan for its very comparable all-round ability and dynamic advantages.

That said, as pleasurable as the Corolla GR Sport is to look at, sit in, and drive, the car excels delivering everything the modern driver would ask for in terms of amenities.

With everything from dual-zone climate control, a 12.3-inch driver’s multi-info display, 9-inch infotainment touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, to its 3D-panoramic view monitor and wireless smartphone charger, the Corolla GR Sport does not lack in creature comforts.

There’s also a full gamut of active safety (or ADAS) features under the Toyota Safety Sense suite, which includes Pre-Collision, Lane Departure Alert, Blind Spot Monitoring, Automatic High Beam, Lane Tracing Assist, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

The average Malaysian might tend to spend way too much time in traffic, as does much of the
world. Though it can be a soul-crushing routine to have to inch ourselves to our destination instead of enjoying the open road ahead in the car we worked hard for, the Corolla GR Sport takes its characteristic balanced approach to both tackling the more mundane and exciting aspects of driving alike, making the latter something to look forward to.

To sum up this car isn’t to say that it’s without fault, but it is accurate to conclude that the GR Sport’s dynamic enhancements and flair neatly adds to the established talents of the 12th-generation Corolla sedan without inviting any compromise.

It’s one of those cars that deserves to be test driven and experienced first hand to be appreciated, which is of course available at any Toyota showroom nationwide; and a tempting proposition indeed with instalments starting from RM1,589 per month.

Visit Toyota Malaysia’s website for more information.

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Stellantis to take over distributorship of Peugeot vehicles in early 2024, taking over from Bermaz

Stellantis, the world’s 4th largest automaker as of 2022, made public its plan to create a new national sales company (NSC) in Malaysia by the first quarter of 2024.

This entity will oversee the sales and distribution of Peugeot vehicles, aligning with Stellantis’ growth objectives in the ASEAN region and its global Dare Forward 2030 strategy, which more aggressively emphasises electrification.

A substantial investment is planned to introduce vehicles based on their new STLA Medium platform to the ASEAN region, which the company aim at EVs with a range of up to 700km, likely utilising Stellantis’ plant in Gurun to assemble EVs for local and export markets.

While Bermaz Auto Alliance currently holds exclusive distributorship for Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia, the upcoming and yet unnamed NSC will take charge of this role in the coming months.

That said, during the transition, Bermaz will continue closely collaborating with Stellantis, selling vehicles through its network.

The aim is to broaden offerings and services in Malaysia, potentially introducing new brands from the Stellantis portfolio – Citroen and DS come immediately to mind, but there is something to be said about Jeep and maybe even Opel.

Daniel Gonzalez, Stellantis’ Chief Operating Officer for ASEAN & General Distributors, expressed enthusiasm for this shift in strategy, emphasising the plan to introduce new brands in Malaysia under the Stellantis umbrella.

Leading this new NSC will be Jamie Francis Morais, leveraging his extensive 19-year experience in the automotive industry, previously working with renowned global brands like Toyota, BMW, Nissan, and Proton.

In a statement, both BAA and Stellantis reiterated their committed to ensuring uninterrupted vehicle service, parts, warranty, and after sales service for Peugeot customers in Malaysia.

On the subject of future launches from the Peugeot brand, we already know that the e-2008 is a very likely, even overdue, candidate following its public preview back in May. Meanwhile, the all-new 408 has been spotted undergoing local tests for months now.

Following this news, it’s not much of a stretch to expect they could be first new Peugeot models to be launched locally under Stellantis.

Auto news

2024 Honda CR-V incoming – Honda’s next-generation ‘benchmark’ SUV open for booking

Ahead of its slated launch in December, Honda Malaysia has confirmed CR-V’s sixth generation is now available for reservation across all 101 dealerships nationwide.

While pricing details are obviously yet to be revealed, the current fifth-generation CR-V facelift ranges from RM165,800 to RM170,400 for the turbo engine, with the base 2.0L NA model below RM150k primed for discontinuation.

That said, considering the addition of e:HEV, RS and some exciting new features that are a first for Honda Malaysia, the range-topper’s price might approach or even exceed RM200k. In Thailand, the e:HEV RS is priced at 1,729,000 baht, or approximately RM227k!

The most groundbreaking update is the introduction of the aforementioned hybrid model. The 2.0-litre i-MMD is mostly identical to the powerplant found in the Civic RS e:HEV and delivers 184 PS and 335 Nm of torque, paired with an eCVT, though torque has been a 20 Nm boost over the sedan. The 1.5L VTEC Turbo option remains and will be powering the majority of variants, offering 193 PS/243 Nm mated to a CVT.

Notably, the CR-V will be available in the top-tier RS trim level for the first time instead of the often confusing TC and TC-P nomenclature used previously, characterised by a striking front grille design with a bold mesh pattern, as well as full LED headlights and tail lights.

The RS edition will also showcase ‘sleek door handles,’ Berlina Black 18-inch alloys, and an Active Shutter Grille on the front lower bumper for enhanced aerodynamics. Among its highlighted features are a 12-speaker Bose audio system—a first for HM—and a 360-degree camera, surpassing HM’s standard multi-view reverse camera. Expectedly, it will include Honda Sensing ADAS suite, Honda Connect telematics with a phone app, and a hands-free power tailgate with walkaway close.

Apart from the kit enhancements, the design, dimensions (71 mm longer, 10 mm wider, and a 40 mm longer wheelbase reaching 2,700 mm), and a cockpit reminiscent of the Civic FE all signal a substantial upgrade from the current model.

HM’s MD and CEO, Hironobu Yoshimura, highlighted the CR-V’s 20-year legacy, being the first CKD model from the Melaka manufacturing plant in 2003. With over 129,000 units sold to date, it remains one of HM’s best-selling models, anticipated to maintain its dominance in the non-national SUV segment with the imminent launch of the new CR-V.

Exclusive previews will be offered in selected Honda dealerships for customers to experience the new CR-V ahead of its official launch which, again, is expected for December.

Auto news

Rev Up Your Dreams: BAuto’s Exclusive Pre-Owned Carnival – Luxury, Sportiness, and Unbeatable Deals Awaits You!

Step into the world of automotive excellence with Bermaz Auto Berhad (BAuto), your trusted distributor of KIA, Peugeot, and Mazda! Mark your calendars for an exhilarating Pre-Owned Carnival at select BAuto branches on November 25th and 26th.

This is your golden ticket to delve into a curated collection of pre-owned gems, boasting low mileage and pristine condition.

Picture yourself behind the wheel of a luxury, sport-infused SUV or MPV, like the acclaimed Mazda CX-5, the elegant Peugeot 3008, or the spacious KIA Carnival.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Their diverse lineup also features the dynamic Mazda 2, the robust CX-8, the powerful BT-50, and the sleek Peugeot 2008 and 5008. These vehicles are not just modes of transport; they are statements on Malaysian roads.

To make these alluring rides even more captivating, BAuto is rolling out exclusive deals, including a complimentary 5+5 service maintenance package, continuing from the date of the first registration.

This is an opportunity to own a piece of luxury starting from RM86,xxx*, but remember, it’s while stocks last!

Join them at Bermaz Anshin @ Glenmarie, Berjaya Park, and Kajang to be part of this once in a blue moon event. Let the BAuto Pre-Owned Carnival be your gateway to the ultimate KIA, Peugeot, and Mazda experience.

Don’t let this chance slip away! Discover extraordinary vehicles and exclusive offers at this spectacular event. Stay tuned to KIA, Peugeot, and Mazda Malaysia for more updates. Be part of something extraordinary – the BAuto Pre-Owned Carnival awaits!

For more information, visit

Bermaz Anshin @ Glenmarie (03-55698080)
Bermaz Anshin @ Berjaya Park (03-55253953)
Bermaz Anshin @ Kajang (03-87375563)