7 Reasons To Keep To Your Car Servicing Schedule

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When hunting for cars, most people look for anything that signifies that the vehicle has FSH or full-service history. It translates into the automobile being a wise buy because it means that it has been looked after. That’s why it’s ironic that very few car owners look forward to that time of the year when their vehicles’ annual service schedule pops up. In fact, one of the areas that get compromised when motorists look to cut corners with their automobiles’ running costs is the scheduled servicing. Some car owners prefer doing the maintenance themselves. Worse is that others don’t care if their cars get a service or not.

The truth is that keeping up to date with your servicing influences the health of your car significantly. That’s why you’ll reap various benefits when you shower your vehicle with tender loving care. You’ll also enjoy a smooth driving experience when you religiously follow regular car service and maintenance.

Take a closer look at the reasons to keep to your car servicing schedule below.

  1. It’s Vital To Your Safety

The last thing car owners would want to experience is their automobiles breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Regular servicing ensures that your vehicle won’t let you down during times when you really need it. That’s because it can nip potential car issues before anything becomes sure-fire problems. It’s how automobile service ensures safety. You’ll have peace of mind regarding your wellbeing by reassuring you that your vehicle is at optimum condition.

  1. It Protects The Car Manufacturer’s Warranty

The second most important reason to keep to your car servicing schedule is maintaining your vehicle’s warranty.

Having the services carried out on or before the schedule is one way of protecting the manufacturer warranty. Doing it outside of the manufacturer’s guidelines will only invalidate it. If something goes wrong, you’ll shoulder the repair bill if your car isn’t covered anymore.

  1. The Vehicle Will Perform Better

Along with the increased safety and protected warranty, an automobile also keeps performing at its best when it’s regularly serviced. You’ll get more reliable engine starts, more stable steering, and better tire traction if you don’t slack on maintenance services.

  1. It Prolongs The Engine’s Lifespan

Cars can be kept in near perfect working condition if they’re regularly serviced. They’re designed to work that way.

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Dirt or dust can potentially cause significant issues when they get into the engine’s oily bits. To prevent that from happening, a vehicle’s oil and filters have to be replaced at regular intervals.

The engine and gear oil should have a golden brown color. Replace it as soon as possible when it already turns into thick black—that’s the general rule of thumb. Changing the fluids in your car and doing the other servicing requirements will prolong its overall lifespan by improving the engine’s longevity.

  1. It Prevents The Wasting Of Fuel

The cost of fuel lowers when a vehicle is well taken care of. However, gas mileage might go down a bit if you skip your car servicing schedule. You’ll end up wasting your time and money because that would mean having to fill up your vehicle’s gas tank more often.

  1. It Saves You Money

Car owners can prevent more costly issues from arising if they take care of their vehicles through regular servicing. Deciding to skip essential car service and maintenance will only result in spending more money down the road. It’s best to pay a little now for keeping your vehicle healthy than suffer later.

  1. It Protects Your Car’s Value

A car is any person’s second most expensive investment, next to a house. Keeping the vehicle in tip-top condition is a way for you to protect the money you’ve invested as much as possible. Following the servicing schedule religiously can help you achieve it. In fact, a complete service history will help you sell your vehicle for a higher price. As already mentioned, it means that your automobile has been well looked after throughout its lifespan.

Note that not having your car serviced regularly also means that you’ll receive a lower payout from the insurance company in case of an accident. Simply saying, a vehicle that hasn’t been serviced and maintained well has less value in the eyes of others.

Final Thoughts

One of the crucial things a car owner can do for their vehicle is routine servicing and maintenance. An automobile that’s regularly serviced and maintained runs more efficiently, uses less fuel, lasts longer, and is worth more. It will even have less contribution to pollution.

On the other hand, a car that doesn’t receive routine maintenance risks the life of the driver and voids the manufacturer’s warranty. It also means more money and time wasted on repairs.

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