Gas, diesel, kerosene get another price bump tomorrow

Oil companies are set to continue the upward price movement of their pump products tomorrow.

Based on individual advisories, Caltex, Pilipinas Shell, and Petron as well as Cleanfuel will be jacking up the price of diesel by ₱0.55 per liter.

Gasoline prices for the Big Three players will be raised by ₱0.20 per liter while the independent fuel distributor Cleanfuel will not impose any price change in the product.

IMG 20200706 142954 - Gas, diesel, kerosene get another price bump tomorrow

Further, the three leading companies are also expected to increase the price of kerosene by ₱0.60 per liter.

Other companies are expected to implement the same adjustment.

Last week, the price of gasoline went up by ₱0.80 per liter, diesel by ₱0.40 per liter, kerosene by ₱0.25 per liter and ₱1.25 per liter on AutoLPG.

Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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