BMW M2 Competition
VIDEO: Joe Achilles Drives the BMW 1M — Better Than an M2 Comp?

One of BMW’s modern legends is the BMW 1 Series M. The 1M was a bit of a Frankenstein car, built as a parts-bin special, with several of its bits pulled from ...

VIDEO: BMW M2 Comp vs Alpine A110 vs Porsche Cayman

While most enthusiasts are drooling over the BMW M2 CS, and rightfully so, its little sibling — the BMW M2 Competition — is being overlooked. It might not be ...

How to Make a BMW M2 Competition As Close as Possible to an M2 CS

Upon seeing a BMW M2 CS, most BMW enthusiasts’ salivary glands get to work. At the moment, the M2 CS is the M car to have, due to its incredible driving ...

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