G82 BMW M4 Gets a New 3D Design Tuning Package

The G82 BMW M4 is one aggressive looking car. From its massive kidney grilles, to the bulges in its hood, to is massive wheels, it’s immediately clear that the ...

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS — Can the Upcoming BMW M4 CSL Compete?

BMW fans are naturally excited about the upcoming M4 CSL, which is set to be the most badass of all M3/M4 models. When it hits the market, it will bring with ...

Video: BMW M4 Competition xDrive gets reviewed on Piston Heads

The current BMW M4 model is a premiere for the model and the brand. Traditionally, the M3 (and the M4) was a rear-wheel drive business. Now, for the second ...

BMW M4 CSL realistically rendered based on spy shots to ease the wait

The GTS is dead, long live the CSL. BMW’s worst kept secret is finally out in the open as the former M head honcho Markus Flasch admitted earlier this month in ...

Video: How precise is the 10-way DSC system on the new M4?

When BMW introduced the new BMW M3 and M4 models, it also offered them a couple of new tricks to wow the audience. Among those new tricks, you’ll find an ...

VIDEO: Joe Achilles Takes the BMW M4 to the Nürburgring

During his trip to Germany, Achilles was lent a standard BMW M4 with a manual transmission, something he can’t get back home in the UK. For the UK market, BMW ...

The BMW M4 CSL Probably Won’t be a Manual and That’s Okay

At the moment, we’re told that the upcoming BMW M4 CSL is going to be rear-wheel drive-only and will only use an automatic transmission. While we’re also told ...

SPIED: BMW M4 CSL Seen Testing with Funky Grille and New Spoiler

For awhile now, there have been spy photos of a different BMW M3 and M4 models featuring more aggressive aero than the stock cars. Fans have been curious about ...

Spotted in Germany: 2023 BMW M4 CSL prototypes

In 2022, the BMW M brand will celebrate 50 years of its existence. And naturally, they will celebrate it in style. A series of celebratory events will take ...

Live Photos: BMW M4 GT3 Gets Unveiled at Laguna Seca

Monterey Car Week is currently underway, as the seaside town gets flooded with high-priced exotics, invaluable classics, and car companies looking to show of ...

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