Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

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Today’s electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids allow you to rely less on gas stations and have a lower carbon footprint. Costs are evening out making the technology more appealing to a broader range of consumers than ever before. Along with advancements in the vehicles, comes advancements in the charging technology, giving you increased options in selecting the right home EV Charger for your needs and vehicle. Not everyone who owns one of these vehicles lives where there is public access to charging stations. Some of us have to install our own chargers. Luckily there are some great options available to keep you on the road.

For home charging of EV and plug-in hybrids, you have two options – Level 1 charging which is simply a cord with a three-prong plug that works with your standard 120-volt wall outlet, and Level 2, which is a dedicated 240-volt charging station that has to be wired in much the same as an electric stove or clothes dryer. You can use a Level 1 charging plan if you don’t need to recharge quickly. It is more cost efficient, but the time it takes to get your car back on the road can be an issue. Level 1 charging is best used for plug-in hybrid cars that don’t need to have a full charge to be ready to roll down the road. However, home charging stations have come a long way in terms of cost and efficiency, making them a good alternative for plug-in hybrids as well as for EVs.

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If you have an EV, like a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf, you really need the Level 2 charger to keep your range and efficiency at optimal levels. Many public charging stations are Level 3, which uses DC, or direct current. These stations provide even faster and more efficient charging for your EV, however most homes are not set up for DC electricity, so a home Level 3 system is not really viable. There are benefits to installing a dedicated Level 2 home charging station. Drivers of EVs, like the aforementioned Leaf, or other brands, like the Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia Niro, or something a little more exotic like the Jaguar I-Pace will want one in the garage or parking spot. Plug-in hybrid owners can get away with a Level 1, however, a Level 2 system will give you a faster, more energy efficient recharge.

Unless you’re an electrician, be sure to have a professional install your charging station. If you’re parking your vehicle outside, be sure to get a system that is rated for outdoor use that can handle the variety of weather, UV exposure and longevity needed for your conditions. That could require running cables underground, so make sure you’re ready for that, too. Be sure to check local regulations. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

1. Editor’s Pick – JuiceBox 32

juicebox 32 home ev charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The Juicebox 32 is one of the most advanced charging stations available. It is a high-powered 32 amperes, 7.7 kW EV charging station that is made in the USA. The unit is UL listed and as you would expect, ENERGY STAR certified. The free JuiceNet app allows you to connect via WiFi to control and monitor charging wherever you are, giving you optimal control. The app notifies when the car is fully charged. It also lets you set reminders to charge, and much more.

The simple controls allow you to know how the process is going with LED lights that show the charging status. The controls and app also let you schedule your charging times when electric rates are lower , saving you money and helping to reduce usage. You even have full voice control using the Amazon Echo/Alexa platform. The Juicebox 32 is rated for both indoor and outdoor installation. It comes with a built-in cable rack and security lock, and you get a 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use.

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2. Bosch Level 2 Charger

bosch level 2 charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The Bosch charger has a compact and sleek design and charges any vehicle meeting the SAE J1772 standard. These charging stations are cUL and UL listed and meet or exceed NEC 625, SAE J1772 and weather-resistant NEMA 3R enclosure for both indoor and outdoor installation. It can be hardwired into your home’s electrical panel, or be set up as a plug-in unit using an included NEMA 6-50 plug. The NEMA 6-50 plug includes a thermal sensor to help protect against the possibility of overheating.

The Bosch charger has an On/off switch for zero energy consumption when not in use. Multi-function LEDs on the main panel indicate charging and power status. The unit comes with a 3 year limited warranty and a 25-foot cord.

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3. FLO Home X5 Tungsten

flo home x5 tungsten - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The X5 has an edge over the competition in terms of speed and durability. It is a 240V and 30A Level 2 Charging Station that is five times faster than a Level 1 outlet. The FLO is also compatible with any EV available today. It’s tough, too, and is NEMA 4X certified with a 100% aluminum case. It comes with 25 feet of industrial grade cable that remains flexible in any weather condition. As you might expect, the X5 is outdoor-rated for extreme weather conditions from -40°F to 125°F.

The FLO Home X5 can be controlled via WiFi with a remote app on your smartphone. You can check the progress and schedule charging for peak low rates. The app also allows you to track your energy consumption so you can maximize your carbon-footprint reduction. The unit is monitored by the company and automatically updates its software for optimal performance. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this charger is built to last.

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4. Siemens US2 VersiCharge

siemens us2 versacharge - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

There are three options for the Siemens VersiCharge You can select from Hardwire, Universal, and Smart Grid depending on your needs. The Hardwire model is wired into your electrical panel and is rated for indoor applications. However, it is the most economical option from Siemens. Their Universal model is a plug-and-play option that can be used indoors and outdoors. Siemens touts it as their best value option. Want the convenience of the Universal model, but with WiFi connectivity that is controllable via a smartphone app? Then the Smart Grid version is for you, as it does just that. It is also a plug-and-play model and can be controlled via iOS or Android apps.

Each charger is Level 2 rated and has a power output of 240V x 30A (equaling 7.2 kW). The Hardwire version comes with a 14-foot cable, while the Universal and Smart Grid models each come with a 20-foot long cable. The Versicharge works with all J1772 complying cars as well as Tesla vehicles (using Tesla’s charging adapter). A two-pole, 40A circuit breaker will be required for installation regardless of model. The compact charger measures 14.5-inches wide by 16-inches tall by 6.5-inches deep. The charger also has flexible control with pause and 2/4/6/8-hour delay functions accessible from the front of the charger, of the app with the Smart Grid model. The delayed charging may not work for all vehicles, so be sure to check your vehicle’s system. It includes a mounting bracket, charging cable, and NEMA 6-50 plug for the Universal and Smart Grid models. The Versicharge comes with a three-year warranty and is manufactured in California.

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5. Best Portable Unit – MUSTART Level 2 Portable EV Charger

mustart level 2 portable ev charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

Nobody wants to have a dead battery system. That is what makes the MUSTART 32A level 2 EV charger such a good buy. It can charge your car up 4X faster than the 16A level 1 EV charger that most electric vehicles come with, which means less time waiting for your car to charge. Oh, and did we mention it’s portable? You can take your high-speed charger with you, making it a great option for vacationing.

The MUSTART has a two-year warranty so you can rest assured in its quality. The charger comes with a 25-foot charging cable, a carrying bag and hook. Take it with you, or set it up in your garage. Either way, you’re all set for faster charges.

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6. ChargePoint Home Flex Charger

chargepoint home flex charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The ChargePoint is a Level 2, 240-volt electric vehicle charging station that re-powers your ride up to 9X faster than a wall outlet. It has flexible amperage settings up to 50 amps (16A-50A) and can be set up as a plug-in or hardwired unit. The ChargePoint has optional WiFi control and you can use the app to pick the right amperage for your home after installation, helping you optimize the operation and charging capabilities. It works with all electric cars, and has been tested on leading EV models.

The ChargePoint comes with a 3-year warranty and is backed by 24/7 customer support that has been dedicated to EVs and optimized charging for 10+ years. If you have any issues, you can count on getting the right answers. The unit is UL listed for electrical safety and ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency. You can use the app to schedule charging during best rate times, making it more economical as well.

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7. Morec EV Charging Station

morec ev charging station - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The Morec charger works with all EVs and has a large LCD screen that displays all the information about the vehicle while in use. This lets you optimize your charge and track how well the car powers up. The charging station has a power leveler that balances it when the multi electric Morec is in operation. This allows the unit to operate under a constant current and therefore avoiding the break and other safety hazards caused by current instability.

The Morec is made from durable aluminum and alloy plate construction, which means it can take a serious hit and still function. This also means it can be used indoors and out. Morec backs it with a one-year warranty. It comes with the wall plug, as well as a hook for the cable and a dock for the actual charging plug.

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8. EVoCharge iEVSE

evocharge ievse charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The EVoCharge is an intelligent WiFi-network capable EV charging station that includes an OCPP 1.6 flexible open network. This gives you total control over your vehicle charging from anywhere. It is fully compatible with all EVs and plug-in hybrids, including the Tesla cars with an adapter. You can adjust the max current output (32A, 24A, 16A) and it supports multiple circuit ratings.

The EVoCharge is up to 8x faster than your Level 1 EV chargers and EVoCharge estimates that gives you up to 25-35 miles of range-per-hour. They also designed it to install easily with a Standard NEMA 6-50 plug and a universal mounting bracket. The unit has been tested to meet the UL (USA) & ETL (Canada) standards for safety. It is also NEMA 4 rated for Indoor/Outdoor use in any weather.

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9. LEFANEV EV Charger

lefanev ev charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The LEFANEV is a simple, 32 Amp EV Level 2 charger. It has a 20-ft long NEMA 14-50 plug-in cord for easy installation. It is 220V-240V, 7.68kw capacity and is compatible with all SAE J1772 EVs. It comes with a hook and a holder to keep everything safe and secure when not in use.

The LEFANEV is lightning-, leakage-, over voltage-, and overheating-proof and it is rated at IP66 waterproof standards, meaning this unit will protect itself and you from damage and harm. It comes with a two-year warranty.

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10. Megear Level 2 Portable EV Charger

megear level 2 portable ev charger - Top 10 Best Home EV Chargers

The Megear charger gives you an additional option for a portable way to recharge your EV on the go. It is perfect for vacationing, or to take with you if you have a busy, fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyle. It has a NEMA 14-50 plug and is compatible with all EVs.

This unit comes with a one-year warranty and is rated as lightning and water proof. It protects itself against overheating and LCD lights help you monitor the charging status. It is 3x’s faster than Level 1 chargers to keep you on the road.

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